What is 4age?


twin cam 1.6L motor toyota used in different variations, in corrollas spanning thru the ae86 to ae111 seris.

a true masterpiece of toyota engineering, production variations of the 4age is the 85kw 16valve/ 100kw 16valve/ 120kw 20valve (avaliable in blacktop and silvertop, slight specs variations)and the 130kw supercharged 4agze.

the 4age block is light and easily modified, with many drift fanatics opping to use a hybrid motor with a 16v head from a 4age n using the 1800cc block from the 7afe of the later corrollas. combined with a turbocharger, outputs of 150kws is easily achievable.

"man that rolla's sweet, its got a black top 20valve 4age under the bonnet, its a super sleeper"

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