What is ...and Justice For All?


ONE of my favorite albums. kick ass.

ONE is my favorite MetallicA song.



imprisoning me

all that i see

absolute horror

i cannot live

i cannot die

trapped in my self

body my holding cell


has taken my sight

taken my speech

taken hearing

taken my arms

taken my legs

taken my soul

left me with a life in HEEEEELLLLLLL!!


A very good kick ass album that is filled with great rhythm and solo sections. Many consider "One" to be one of the greatest works kirk hammett ever did with his guitar. Sit down, shut the fuck up, and LISTEN TO THIS GOD DAMNED ALBUM!

"Harvester of sorrow...language of the mad"

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One goddamned kick-ass album by Metallica. Everyone should own a copy...but oh well. One of Metallica's great succeses, with the single "One", Metallica's first music video...which kicked ass. Also filled with other major kick ass songs, specially title track "...And Justice For All" which is 9:44 long ,,/

And Korn suxx when they try and play "One." ARGH!!!


1. The last four words of The Pledge of Allegiance

2. An awesome Metallica album, from 1988.

1. John had to say the pledge of allegiance in front of his class the other day. He farted when he got to ...and justice for all.

2. Three great songs from ...And Justice For All are Blackened, Harvester of Sorrow, and To Live is to Die.

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Metallica's 4th album, released on August 25, 1988. It is one of thier last great albums. The songs in this album are...

1. Blackened

2. ...And Justice for All

3. Eye of the Beholder

4. One

5. The Shortest Straw

6. Harvester of Sorrow

7. The Frayed Ends of Sanity

8. To Live is to Die

9. Dyers Eve

...And Justice for All is a sick album!

Opposition, contradiction, premonition, compromise

Agitation, violation, mutilation, planet dies

Darkest color

Blistered earth

True death of life

Termination, expiration, cancellation, human race

Expectation, liberation, population laid to waste

See our mother

Put to death

See our mother die

- Blackened

See metallica, lars ulrich


The LAST good album by the once great Metallica. After that, the band started their slow descent into fagdom.

Man, ...And Justice For All ROCKED! But then the Black Album came out, Lars came out of the closet and sued napster, they kicked out Jason, and they all started doing Mariah Carrey covers.... Fags.


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