What is `arf-quid?


`arf-quid - one of the many unknown words from "old speak."

Old character in books often use "old-speak." Much of "old-speak" has gone untranslated. Often syllables are dropped from the beginning and ending of words to produce words in old-speak. Not all old-speak words can be translated back to English, as the process from going from English to old-speak is a lossy process. However with sufficient textual information, the correct word can sometimes be guessed correctly.

From Bram Stoker's Dracula

"Here's you a-comin' and arskin' of me questions about my business, and I that grump-like that only for your bloomin' `arf-quid I'd `a' seen you blowed fust `fore I'd answer."

"An' when you said you'd report me for usin' obscene language that was `ittin' me over the `ead. But the `arf-quid made that all right."

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