What is }{ax0r?


Hey you guys, don't be idiots. If you posted a response to this you looked up the word }{aX0r, and just knowing how to spell that makes you a nerd automatically. Also, if you were looking something up in l33t speak, you have no right to call anyone any names. Finally, if you pull your heads out of your asses and actually read what the guy said, you'll realize he gave all of us a lot of really invaluable information on how to do something (a syn-flood) that you can't easily find info on. If you want to be a |_337 |-|4><0|2, so U CAN USE TEH INTARWEB L33T (sic) and hack into your friend's hotmail account, you aren't going to just click a few checkboxes in a program and have it do the rest. To actually do that shit, you have to learn this shit, so be nice to the guy, he's providing a service to all of us.

...So be nice to the l33t h4x0rs on the interweb, they pwn you.


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