What is >:b?


>:B is the single greatest "emoticon" ever created. Usage of >:B includes but is not limited to: showing extreme delight in a recent event, conveying mischievousness, and/or revealing that something is a joke.

Person 1: I just stole a peech.

Person 2: >:B

Person 1: I heard you cut the Intertubes connected to Iran.

Person 2: >:B

Person 1: Scientology.

Person 2: What?

Person 1: >:B

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The ultimate "smiley". Has roots with the words pie. The amount of win contained in this combination of letters and symbols has not been measured scientifically. Variations include <:B and :B. The word is best viewed with a font that perfectly aligns the > , : , and B . Such a font has not been found that can be downloaded.

Examples contain fail, this word can't have an example. >:B

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