What is 1badewok?


Someone who is under the false impression that he/she/it is the sum total of the universe.

I could act like d00mn00b, but that would be a bit 1badewok.


A complete loser capable of creating ficticious definitions of himself for use in become famous.

President Bush was being 1badewok when he said Bush means "Wise one".


the definer for a comlete and total idiot. Self-absorbed

1badewok is the idiot of the GAT.

See 1badewok


GAT Dweller and all around good person. Known to freqent the GAT board. Sometimes as lurker but always for fun. Anti-politico.


An unknown GATer who everyone must ignore right now before the fame goes to his head.

Geez 1badewok is t3h suxx0r


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