What is 8-ball?


1/8 of an ounce (approximately 3.5 grams) of powder cocaine.

How much for an 8-ball?

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a person who is frequently unfortunate or in a bad situation

Don't hang out with an 8-ball like him.

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slang for a bald black guy. opposite of Q-ball or runway beacon.

Chris's 8-ball always glistens as he enters the room.

See bald, baldy, black, negro, velvy


A code-word or phrase to be used when communicating covertly to one's associate in front of other's; specifically indicating a big success with the usuallyjanky mission at hand.

He whispered,"8-Ball" to his friend, predicting success, when he saw that the store clerk was an unsuspecting young kid likely to accept his fake ID to purchase beer.

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