What is [big Blue Wrecking Crew]?


The infamous student (cheering) section of the Southern Lehigh Spartans Boy's Basketball Team. Known for being loud, rowdy, and often obnoxious, this group of fans shows up at every home and away game and can often be seen dressed to fit the part of a crazy theme night or in their "big blue wrecking crew" t-shirts. They are the best student section in the Lehigh Valley Area and are loved by few and hated by many (usually out of resentment and jealousy).

SLHS Student 1: Hey man, what are you doing tonight?

SLHS Student 2: DUDE! I'm going to the basketball game to be a part of those awesome fellows called the "BIG BLUE WRECKING CREW."

SLHS Student 1: But isn't the game in northern lehigh, like 30 minutes away?

SLHS Student 2: Yeah but the bbwc is crazy hardcore... we go everywhere.


Player of opposing team: Man, I hate playing Southern Lehigh. I can never focus... the Big Blue Wrecking Crew is always making fun of me for my stupid hair cut and yelling "airball" when I get the ball. Those guys are just too good.

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