[biloxi Booger]

What is [biloxi Booger]?


Step 1: Find someone you despise

Step 2: Wait until sed person is thoroughly asleep

Step 3: Find Q-tip

Step 4: Insert Q-tip into your ass hole and precede to poopify

Step 5: Insert Q-tip into aforementioned person's nose

Step 6: Make sure Q-tip is far enough in so that it cannot be simply pulled out

Step 7: Watch and enjoy as "hated one" tries to pick/pull out Q-tip unsuccessfully until its pushed far enough to go into the ones mouth making it so that they have smelled and tasted your shit

"Man Cory was such an ass last night so I gave him a Biloxi booger that he will never forget!"

See biloxi, booger, boogey, prank, boger


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