What is 8-bit?


The best console era ever,

the NES dominated all and many great games were created like:

- Super Mario Bros. 1

- Super Mario Bros. 3

- Mega Man 2

- Mega Man 3

- Castlevania 1-3

- Final Fantasy I - III

- Zelda I + II


At one time, nintendo had to take all NES back because of problems with overheating!

Everyone had an NES in the 80s.

The most popular problem was that the cartridges got dusty and you had to BLOW inside the NES and cartridge to make it work again.

NES roced.

Bari :"The NES changed my life,now I love videogames more than anything"

Renke:"Dude, let me blow into the cartridge, I want to play World Cup Soccer!""


Refers to the size of the internal registers of the CPUs used in the early days of personal computers and gaming consoles. It does not refer solely to NES or any single computer. Other examples of 8-bit CPUs included:

TI-99/4 and TI-99/4A

Commodore PET

VIC 20

Commodore 64


I learned how to code on my TI-99/4a. 8-bit forever!


8 binary numbers (ie. 10110101, which is equal to the decimal 181) that form 1 bit. During the late 1970's up through the mid-late 1980's, most commercial CPU's could only count 8-bit numbers, ranging from 0-255.

Somehow, people only tend to think of video games when refering to 8-bit things, which it completely innacurate. Many computer systems, as well as video games, were concidered "8-bit."

8-bit processors were eventually replaced by more powerful and faster 16-bit CPU's such as IBM's 8080 line and Motorola's 68000.

Computers: Atari x00 series, Commodore series (PET 16, C-64, C-128, etc.), Apple series, and other similar systems that used the 6502, 6800, or Z-80 processors and their varients.

Game systems: Atari 2600 and 5200, NintendoEntertainment System ( NES), Nintendo's Gameboy, Sega Genesis, Colecovision, etc.


Sub-genre of electronic music; Created from modified 8-bit consoles (NES, Atari, Sega Master System, etc.) and cartridges.

Listening to 8-bit takes me back to the good ol' days when controlers were the least ergonomic part of the game system


The number of bits that these classic, popular 1980's video game consoles had:


Sega Master System

Atari 2600


Sega Game Gear

Anyone who thinks the term "8-bit" only applies to the NES is what you would call a noob.


the era of gaming where computers used 8-bit methods of producing the game programing and 8-bit systems were the most up to date

The 8-bit era was during the late 1980s and introduced better animation to games.

See 8 bit, computers


A Slang word for the best invention of the late 20th Century, the original Nintendo Entertainment System, also called the NES. Refers to the bits the system was capable of handling. The 8-Bit brought with it classics including: Contra, Double Dragon, Excitebike, Mike Tyson's Punchout and many more unforgettable titles.

Hey B-Vice, let's get high and play 8-bit. Sometimes you have to blow in the 8-Bit games to get them to work properly.

See JC


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