15-bit Marriage

What is 15-bit Marriage?


Denoting a state of being where you are freely allowed to have from 0 to 32,767 wives/husbands. Two to the 15th power is 32,768, and there is also the state of having no spouse, so the values are from zero to thirty-two thousand, seven hundred and sixty seven. So one could have either 32,767 wives or any combination of wives and husbands in one family adding up to 32,767. The original Mormons were engineered with a 15-bit marriage, the highest in post-100A.D. history.

The Mormons had the resplendent promise of giving the user a 15-bit marriage, but in 1890 they caved in to government pressure to be cycle-inaccurate and therefore have only one spouse.

When I die I hope I can have a 15-bit marriage in Heaven.

See polygamy, mormon, give up


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