'bout To Raw

What is 'bout To Raw?


Short for I'm about to raw.

Definition:An act of fair warning given prior to insulting someone. Used to tell someone they look goofy,and should walk away, or risk being embarrassed. Often accompanied by a hand gesture of an open palm, with fingers together pointing in the general direction of the individual being "rawed".

Joe walks up to Rick and his possewearing the same thing as yesterday. Joe knows it and hopes no one will notice. Rick then says "Joe... I'm 'bout to raw youfool" at this time, Rick's crew begins to scrutinize every aspect of Joe's personal appearance, and quickly realize he is wearing the same thing as yesterday. By this time,Joe realizes his cover is blown, and he leaves the scene, while Rick and his posse enjoy a nice laugh.

See burn, rall, rawl, insult, zing


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