What is [bullhead]?


Bullhead City, Arizona is the town of lifted trucks and dirty sluts. Where 'Bros' and 'Bro-hoes' reside. You also have your Wanna-be gangters and of course DIRTBALLS. Holds the title of one of the highest teen pregnancy rate and Mohave High school has the highest STD rate in the state. Constantly smells like sewer because of the disgusting water that you cannot drink. The closest city is Las Vegas which is two hours away, or Barstow which is two hours away in the other direction. Theres about 20 million types of bugs and one type of plant, you may know it as a cactus. Nothing but desert. If you have a dirtbike and boat you can actually survive out here. Also known as the Meth capital of the world. Old people and tweakers over populate the area, and the 'coolest' thing about this town is Wal-mart and the Colorado river. There is about 12 too many golf courses and porn shops. Not the ideal place to live due to the 135 tempuratures in the summer and 34 degrees in the winter. You have dust storms, Rain storms, flooding, heat and constant wind storms. Oh and did i mention theres NOTHING OUT HERE!?

Dood did you see that old pregnant tweaker?

Yeah! Theres so many they're hard to miss in Bullhead.

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