50-cents Member

What is 50-cents Member?


A 50-cents member is a Chinese person who hangs in internet forum to deflect any posting that tries to put China in a bad light. Tactics from a fifty-cents party member often involve getting others to spam the forum with messages that favours the view of China by making wild off topic comments that attacks other views. Due to the repeated nature of there postings, it is suggested that they are paid “fifty-cents” for each post. Although most are not paid there is some suggestion that there are paid internet commenters working in China.

Further information can be found at the wiki article 50 cent party

Person 1: Where those Chinese gymnasts in the Beijing games under-age?

Chinese person 1: Westerners, you flood us with drugs in opium wars and now you spend lies about us. You’re jealous of us doing better in the Olympics.

Chinese person 2: Yeah, so typical of Westerners they want a “free Tibet” but they refuse to give back the lands stolen from native American Indians. They can't have what they want so they make up stories about China.

Person 2: Don’t listen their rubbish, they are “50-cents members”.

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