What is -chan?


Used in japanese language, after a person's name, often used to represent friendship or affection.

My recommendation is that you use it, sparingly, with a person of the opposite gender which you are attracted to, or already dating (for example). It should be used sparingly because he/she may not get it and may ensue egopatriotic attitudes against you for your multicultural behavior.

"*hugs* Lita-chan! ^.^"

See Dave


Japanese term of endearment. Normally used for a female, exceptions are often made for young children. Usually used with a first name. Sometimes used between people who are dating.

Hoshiko-chan, ogenki desu ka? (Hoshiko, are you well/how are you?)

See -san, -sama, -sensei


Affectionate and personal Japanese suffix, attached to a shortened version of one's personal name. In Japan, one never does this to anyone above them, only those lower or equal.

My name is Mineko, but Okasan(Mother) calls me Mine-chan.

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