[chris Crocker]

What is [chris Crocker]?


A faggish attention whore tranny boy who only cares about an unfit mother rather to care about starving children in Africa dying every 3 seconds.

My teachers hate him so much that they banned us from seeing videos of him in school! He is just a 20 year old loser who still lives with his grandparents. Don't they ever stop and think "What is our grandson doing in our basement"?

My mother hates this guy so much that she turned to me and asked "Is that a man or a woman". I said "A boy/girl".

This dude thinks that he is a woman!

This, everyone is an example of why kids should not do drugs

Chris Crocker(looking like a tranny) : Alright, yall don't be knowin' tha jam, so this is da jam, right hairstyle!

(dances to Danity Kane's "Damage" in a faggish way, singing horribly trying to take off his clothes)

Chris Crocker : Danity Kane Damaged.

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