What is 'cidin?


1. n.Slang. CoricidinTM, an OTC cough remedy containing Dextromethorphan (DXM), and often (foolishly) used recreationally for this reason. CAUTION: Read warning below!

2. v.Slang. Using CoricidinTM recreationally to get high from the DXM it containsIMPORTANT NOTE: While Coricidin does contain DXM, it also contains antihistimines which can be extremely dangerous when taken in larger-than-normal quantities. There are much safer ways to take DXM than through Coricidin and we highly recommend you altogether avoid Coricidin for recreational use..

1. "hey, pass that bottle of 'cidin..I...uhh....got a cold."

2.: "We're gonna be 'cidin tonight. Want to join us?"


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