What is 2c-t-7?


2C-T-7 is a psychedelic phenethylamine developed by Alexander Shulgin around 1980. The effects of 2C-T-7 share some general similarities with LSD&2CB, with its length of action more like that of LSD. A research chemical market has recently been created around its recreational, therapeutic, and entheogenic uses. While most of the chemicals in its class are not known to cause acute physical dangers, 2C-T-7's safety profile for wide use is not well known nor researched. As with all new chemicals, it is difficult to be certain what the variety of reactions to the substance will be and the reports of use so far have a lot of conflicting and confusing elements, including duration, physical stimulation, dosage, etc.


The Substance: 2C-T-7, T7, Beautiful

The Experience: tripping

i was trippin on some t7 last nite.

i got ahold of some 2ct7 the other nite an tripped my ballz off.


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