What is 3cupflip?


a drinking game that consists of combining flip cup and beirut. When a cup is plunked then it has to be drank and then flipped in a flip cup style. Only one flip is allowed, if made it goes back on the table and is filled with beer, if missed then it is done for the game. The team that wins eliminates all of the other team's cups first.

"It's a Saturday night, what game are we playing when drinking our two kegs?" Asks Jenna.

"Well why don't we play the greatest drinking game ever, 3CupFlip." Replied Amber.

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3cupflip is a combination of the drinking games beirut (beer pong) and flip cup. The teams can consist of 1v1 or 2v2. Each team has 3 cups set up as in beirut and when a player makes a cup the opposing team must flip that cup, ala flip cup style. After a cup is hit, that team must flip the cup as many times as there are cups missing from the table (ex: if there are 2 cups and one is made that team must flip that cup correctly twice). If flipped correctly the cup is refilled and replaced. A Patriot Act occurs when one or both player(s) from one team sink the same cup with both balls - this ends the game automatically. One team wins when the opposing team's cups are eliminated - but the Perfect Game lasts forever.

At the party last night everyone was playing 3cupflip; you know that new game that combines beirut and flipcup that everyone is talking about.

See patriot act


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