What is 3d?


1. three-dimensional

2. having to do with a movie, game, etc. that is made with three-dimensional animated images

3D animation is almost always computer generated.

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The Counter-strike clan that is the best, Yep, they are. I don't play for them really, but I watch them on hltv. they are good. Probably better than epar.

zEx vs 3D IRC bot in #team3d


Short for 3-Demensional, meaning an object has 3 demensions.

Wow, that cude is 3D.




Stands for:

Dudley Death Drop


It is the double-team finishing move of the Dudley Boyz/ Team 3D(specifically D-Von and Buh-Buh Ray). The finisher involves the opponent being slammed face first (often through a table)onto the ground/ring.

Another possible reason why this finisher is called "3D" is because dimensions the three people's bodies (including the person being slammed) are facing make up the three spacial dimensions. One of the Dudley's face forward (forward/backward dimension), the second Dudley is facing left or right relative to the first Dudley (left/right dimension), and the person being slammed faces down (up/down dimension).

1. Team 3D won the match by using the 3D on their opponents on TNA.

2. The Dudleys are infamous for using the 3D in conjunction with tables.

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Dudley Death Drop

a move from WWE

D-Von and Buh Buh Are sizing up for the 3D!!!!

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A descriptive adjective used to describe the sensation of being high on drugs in particular cannabis, cocaine, and ecstacy.

Yoooooooo dude.......This shit's got me seein 3D!

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a nick name for DC police (MPDC). they have 3D eyes.. see everything, definitely the beast of all!

Last night, I've seen a drunk teen hit a car's side view mirror with a baseball bat in downtown DC.. with in 60 seconds, the 3d buzzed over.. and five-o more back ups in no time.

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