What is 74d?


1. The Military Occupational Skill ( MOS) assigned to a Chemical Specialist. Called Seventy-four Delta in military lingo.

2. A glorified car washer in the US Army.

3. Someone with a lot of time on their hands.

4. The most likely person to survive a chemical attack, but the least likely to survive that long.

5. The occupational skill in the Army that requires one to know how to blow up self contained haz-mat suits, fill bottles of air, setup a shower, and scrub down another human being.

You need someone to sweep the company's office? get the 74D to do it, he's in his cage doing nothing.

I feel like such a 74 Delta washing this damn Humvee.

He's such a 74 Delta, all he does all day is play solitaire on his PC.

See useless, lazy, shammer, mos, shitbag


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