What is :d?


A very happy smiley face

:D im verry happy!!!!!!

See Sam


A face to denote happyness

Im teh win :D

See penguin


A guy licking hes nose. Sometimes used by people that miss the shift button when trying to type :D. Can oftenly be misread as :p.

> Thanks :d

-> heh n00byou can't even hit the bloody shift button? XD

See smile, :d, lol, happy, xx


1. n - A greeting usually used on the online community.

2. v - To greet someone like a happy dog who has missed his owner.

MegaworM: :D

P Rybes: heya


A laughing smiley, you can write in MSN or other chat places etc.

person 1: *tells a joke*

person 1's friend: "lol :D"

See :d, hahaha, haha, laughing, smiley, lol, funny, smileys


a smiley used as a provocative way of licking your upper lip.

i'm so hot right now :d

See smiley, provocative, lip, lick, upper


A sarcastic smile, "almost funny" Rumoured to be invented by the almighty Dane + Elevation of the Cockle Unit clan. Widely used all over the world.

I just shit my action man undies. ":D"

See dane, cockle, unit, sarcastic, face


A fast and easy way to tell someone you hate on the Internet to suck your anus.

littel fagg07-LOL OMG, u r gay d00d1

You- :D(_*_) Save some for your mom if she's not still with the family dog.

littel fagg07-*Cries*


suck my titties



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