What is :{d?


mustache man its a smiley with a mustache instead of :D its :{D a mature smiley!

dude190: hey dude whats up

dude199: :{D

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A Real Italian Stallion. The mustache of this smiley is obviously Italian, meaning it is most likely dealing with the Mafia. Having a mustache makes it superior to ":D"

Nick: "What is that :{D and where can I find one for myself?"

Andrea: "That happens to be a very attractive man for a smiley. An italian stallion, just for me. This smiley was first used in Sicily...

I would only know this, because I am an Italian and a big fan of salciccia."

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The official smiley for Pedophilia. The little "{" represents the creepy 70s porno mustache on pedophilic men.

Mostly used to be a creep in a conversation.

Steve: I can't hang out today, I gotta take my 6 year-old bathing suit shopping.

Frank: :{D

Steve: You're a fucking creep.

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