What is <:d?


1. If read from left to right, it is a happy klansman.

2. If read from right to left, it is a perverted construction worker.

1. Prinnyd00d117: K



Awesomerad: Racist! =O

Prinnyd00d117: <:D

2. Cooliogurl: How's it hanging?

Ray-Ray: It's not, <:D.


Turn your head to the left - it's a smiling guy in a Klan-hat.

Turn your head to the right - it's a perverted construction worker.

Because I am not a racist, no example will be given for the smiling guy in a Klan-hat, but, here is an example of the perverted construction worker:

sweetiechick1234:"My parents are out having dinner. Wanna come over?"


See Spence


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