What is 120d?


See 5 and 120 for an explanation.

calkfreak83: Just to make things weirder, we should start saying "120d".

120d = "LOL!", just use 120d in replacement of it.

Nothing is compatible with a Mac! Not even viruses! 120d


120d = lol!

lol! can be written as 101!

Mathmatically 101(binary) is 5(decimal). Therefore 101!(binary) is 5!(decimal)

The notation '!' is called factorial. 5! (factorial of 5) means 1*2*3*4*5 which is equal to 120. Since 120 is written in decimal form, a 'd' is added to the end of it to form 120d.

That's why 120d means lol!

(note: 120d has the exclamation mark included, 120d would mean lol!! with two exclaimation marks)

GodofJur ...and that's why 120d means lol!

dude wtf!?!

GodofJur 120d

dude math geek...


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