What is 2d?


The lead singer of the all mighty band: Gorillaz. HAIL SANTA!

I'm 2D. Won't you buy me: Piano Chord; dictionary.


Lead singer and pianist of the famous animated, known as the Gorillaz; 2D is described having blue hair, Black eyes (Fractured eyeballs), tall & skinny with 2 front teeth missing. Voice like an angel, arse like a satsuma. Mind full of zombies and painkillers, and a perfect pin-up product.

"I sang a song about windmills once," -quoted by 2D

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2D stands for 2nd dynamic.

Mans basic instinct is to survive. And there are different areas people urge to survive in. A dynamic is an urge towards survival.

1st dynamic is self, 2nd dynamic is creation as a) family b) sex, 3rd is groups, 4th is mankind, 5th is life forms like animals and plants, 6th is the physical universe, 7th is the spiritual dynamic and the 8th is infinity or what you would define as being god.

So basically when you say 2D youre talking about your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife.

When you talk about your family as in your mom, dad, kids or whatever you'd refer to them more as your 2nd dynamic than your 2D. That way you can easily see what youre talking about.

I wanna find a really good 2D.

My 2nd Dynamic is so fucked up right now. Mom and dad are divorcing.

Andrew is Linda's 2D.

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Having two dimensions.



The types of games the vid-G industry should stop making. Most people don't appreciate them anymore, they have a limitted capacity for fun, and they look so out of date. Stop making crappy 2D megaman games, and look foward to the future. All our handhelds offer 3D graphics now. Leave the classics in the past and get with it.

Classic Games: Pacman, Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Tetris.

Newer 2D games: Megaman ZX (no thanks... I like games that are worth the cash)

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