8==d ~o

What is 8==d ~o?


A truly amazing ascii depiction of a dick cumming 'tween a pair of teats. It can be viewed from left to right as a cock, some sperm, and tits. It is tehultimates computer sex typings!!!1

Adolph: Yo bro, I totally came between Eva's tits last night!

Stalin: Did it look something like this? 8==D ~o (o )( o)

Adolph: Fuck yeah it did, cuz!

See tit, boob, dick, titty, tittie, ta ta, tit fuck, fuck, cum, sperm, ejaculate, member, sex, porn, pron, pr0n, hanky panky, 8=d, 8==d, 8===d, weiner, flacid


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