[day And Age]

What is [day And Age]?


The great fourth album of The Killers that was released November 24th, 2008. Stepping a bit out of the usual hard synth sound, The Killers brought new wave into their music. With songs like Human and Spaceman as their singles, The Killers brought a completely new sound with steel drums, saxophones and a every now and then African chant. Day and Age is a s great and awesome as Hot Fuss. It's a completely original album that should recieve far more praise then it actually gets.

The Killers also achieved a new look, as described by the very handsome frontman Brandon Flowers as "a sci-fi jungle".

The Killers will be bigger than U2 one day. They are the best band out there especially through a time of many unmeaningful music. Rock on Killers.

"Are we human, Or are we dancer? My sign is vital, My hands are cold." - Human, Day and Age

*Important* The lyric in Human is dancer NOT denser. It's their song, they can do whatever the fuck they want.

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