What is *dead*?


dying with laughter

*dead* is a west indian/caribbean derived term

guy1 types: yeah so, i woke up naked next to a 63 year old woman on sunday morning... i can't remember what happened

guy2 types: *dead*

See lol, omg, wtf, ha ha, lmao, rofl


used when typing something, *dead* means you are DONE with the conversation or you are simply FLOORED by the previous comment. it sort of means like "WTF" or "OMG"

west-indian (caribbean) derived, from "instant death" like in dancehall music

guy types: i totally loved that video, 2 girls 1 cup, it made my penis get very erect.

girl types: ummmm... *dead*

See wtf, omg, barf, gross


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