What is 1deag?


1deag is when you fire a single desert eagle shot into someones brain. Term normally used in the game of counter-strike.

jake: omfg exo you just gayed me hard with a 1deag! #1deag

See deagle, cs, =d, awp, exo


It is when one takes out his deasert eagle and shoots a motha fack in the head once and kills them. Obviously. So 1 Shot of a Deagle = #1Deag, whats #1Deag you may ask? It is the real original OG Oldschool 1D club from back in the day. All others are fake. #1Deag

I only got 1.8, aite deag save. All buy armor and a deag with 2 clips. Rush B. 1Deag! 1Deag! o snap TROY1D just 1Deaged two fools and took B

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