'dem Harlem Saints

What is 'dem Harlem Saints?


Prop. N.- a notorious NY 'drug mafia' established in 1972 by Walker T. Rice. The 'DHS' supplied thousands of elderly New York residents with stolen prescription pills. Unfortunately, many of the gang members own grandparents suffered the physical after-effects of this malicious black market fraud...many of them overdosing and dying in the arms of the very grandchildren who supplied them with the pills.

The pills supplied to the elderly men and women included but were not limited to Zoranthex, Matarol, Xenubalence, and the sleeping pill Tera-X.

In 1983, Walker T. Rice was sentenced to 80 years in prison after his great-grandmother OD'd on Matarol.

"Sheila, we are concerned about your grandma."

"Why, mom?"

"When she came to visit last weekend, did she ask you to give her the white pills in the bathroom cabinet?"

"Yes, mom."

"Damnit, Sheila! What are you, a member of 'Dem Harlem Saints!?"

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