What is 3do?


One of the very first 32-bit consoles which was a failure from the start due to the ridiculously high price tag. ($800 for a Panasonic FZ-1)

The 3DO is special in that the 3DO technology was licensed out to other companies in a similar way to DVD and VHS players, and so Sanyo and Goldstar (LG) ended up putting out their own models, and others were planned. (Toshiba, Samsung and AT&T all had 3DO consoles in the making, but all three got scrapped)

The console is certainly capable of PSX level games, however it's biggest flaw was that the console was ahead of it's time - at least 2 years before the PlayStation hit the shelves. People were still playing their Mega Drives and SNESes and generally didn't bother with the high price of the console. Goldstar later released their own version which cut Panasonic's price tag in half, but the 3DO's name was irrepairably tarnished.

3DO hung on as a low-key software publisher, churning out many Army Men sequels for other consoles until they finally went bust in mid-2003.

The console is full of bad games such as the IQ-reducing Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, but there are also some very decent games:


Need for Speed

Road Rash

Star Control 2


FIFA International Soccer

and many more



A company that produced poor quality games in the past, they are bankrupt now because of the lack of success.

Is this game gaming company going to be a success or a 3DO, read this article and find out.


A clan whose fat ass leader leaves them.

3do is a weak ass clan.


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