What is :dodgy:?


the :dodgy: is a smiley, purple in color, and sarcastic in nature. Made popular by paintball messageboards such as pbnation and pbreview, it exists to show sarcasm even when the coding doesn't work.

...I'd hit it... :dodgy:

See sarcasm


well a dodgy in other words is a creature entirely made up of sarcasm, he generally makes an appearance when people are being stupid or it needs to be made obvious that a comment is sarcastic. there are two main forms of dodgy; normal purple dodgy and the elusive running dodgy; the latter of the two evolves and grows arms which he waves carelessly in the air while running around in circles.

now that you are informed, keep a lookout for both types of dodgy's at a PBN near you.

A wild :dodgy: appeared

Kyle slater is totally straight and like girls :dodgy:

See :dodgy:, dodgy, dgaf


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