What is :e?


sarcasm, retardation, stupid things, ect.

<Person1> Watch out for Person2, he's strong when mad

<Person2> yea i can just about hurt a fly :E


A smiley used to describe a three-toothed vampire walrus.

Person 1- :E

Person 2- wtf is that??

Person 1- a three-toothed vampire walrus. isn't it fangtastic?

Person 1- ur done.

See vampire, walrus, tooth, smiley, emoticon


A smily used when something is disturbing or offensive, or just at any time at all.

Jack: I got head from Suzie last night.

Mike: Suzie is an ugly whore :E


Smilie used when youre very frustrated about something or just angry.

What an idiot :E

Whats with this lame download speed :E

I cant believe this shiat is happening :E

Ive had enough of you n00b :E


TEEF! When referring to someone who has large teeth. Teeth that show even when their mouth is closed.

Large protruding teeth.

When texting someone the :E smiley the appropriate response is most certainly: TEEF!

OMG! Is TEEF going to be there?

Used in a text message: ":E"

See txt, teef, text, teeth


The lamest smilie ever. Has no real meaning, which is why many idiots routinely use it after sentences that would otherwise convey a valid meaning. Only used by forum nerds and the even bigger forum nerds that idolize them.

1. Have a look at this website dedicated to japanese animation! :E

2. 1337 $p33k is so funny! :E

3. I have never had sex with a woman and hold my sister's panties up to my face when I masturbate! :E

See Half


emoticon that stands for a buck-toothed vampire.

teacher: bobby, go to detention

bobby the goth: :E


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