What is 3eb?


An abbreviation for the band "Third Eye Blind," who may quite possibly be the greatest band ever. They have produced three albums as of 2006: "Third Eye Blind," "Blue," and "Out of the Vein," all of which are amazing. They also recently produced a compilation CD of some of their greatest hits along with two new songs, "Tattoo of the Sun" and "My Time in Exile." The band consists of Stephan Jenkins, Brad Hargreaves, Arion Salazar, and Tony Fredianelli. They first became popular in the mid 1990s with hits like "Semi Charmed Life," "Jumper," "How's It Gonna Be," and "Never Let You Go," but their best stuff is more obscure.

Person A: 3eb was the greatest band who ever lived.

Person B: Word.

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