What is 7-eleven'd?




1. To be treated in a rude, unprofesional manner.

2. To be taken advantage of.

3. To be demeaned, stripped of any respect, and at times utterly humiliated.

4. To do a lackluster job (incomplete, or simply lacking quality)

1. That corporate asshole 7-Eleven'd me right infront of everyone :(

2. Did accounting promise to credit you those improper charges?? oh man! you've just been 7-eleven'd!!

3. After 20 years of service the poor bastard was 7-Eleven'd.

4. They promised to remodel your store and all you got was 7-eleven'd :)

See 7-11, 7-eleven, fucked, screwed, hustled, disrespected, humiliated


- To be unexpectedly be diminished by someone who barely speaks English.

- To be deprived of basic service by way of under performance or lack of enthusiasm.

All I wanted was a drink and a snack but the employee yelled at me and threw me out of the store. I guess I just got "7-Eleven'd."

See rude


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