What is 'em?


Short for "them".

I'ma kill 'em.


A short or slang way of saying "them"

Person 1: Do you like potatoes?

Person 2: Oh yeah! I love 'em!


I can't get enough of 'em.

I love 'em.

I hate 'em.


pron. Contraction of them.

1. Those people or things (plural).

2. That person (singular). Usage as a singular pronoun is similar to the use of the word they as a singular pronoun; used as a reference to a person where sex (male or female) is unspecified or has not been determined. Used in this way because english doesn't have a singular form nonsexual pronoun.

That person sucked, so I took 'em out of the game.

See them, they, their, those, that


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