[emo Kid]

What is [emo Kid]?


an emo kid isn't someone who sits in the back of class crying all day about how horrible the world is.they also don't sit at home cutting their wrists either{some do but not everyone}we're not morbidly depressed or obsessed with hurting ourselves.we do actually have the capacity to be happy.emo means emotional.we're more in touch with our feelings than your average person.we don't hate the world but rather see it as beautiful but also see how humanity has destroyed it{deal with it}the general bulk of a true emo kid's life is typically music.we listen to whatever we feel like because we like it not because it's"the current cool song" you can't define a true emo kid,they define themselves.

That emo kid staring out of the window writing poetry on the bus is the only who'll ever understand.

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