What is 315er?


315ers are simple folk located east of the monroe county line. They prefer the satisfaction of killing a cucumber eatin' varmit over the prospect of a well mowed lawn and a paved driveway.

Ish was proud to be a 315er and had many a deer rack on his shanty wall to show for it.

See 315, wayne, fiver


Referring to those that live in the 315 area code, specifically in areas just east of Rochester Rochachaor Monroe County. 315er territory and the people therein bear remarkable resemblance to the hick towns of southern states. Oddly, 315ers often have southern accents, missing teeth and hang out at places like Agway or Country Max.

For a long time, Susie's friends thought she was from Kentucky but it tunred out she grew up a 315er.


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