What is 99er?


Refers to people who knew absolutely nothing about cycling prior to Lance Armstrong's first Tour De France victory in1999. They are prone to pontificating on tactics, race history, team profiles etc. like they were the second coming of Jacques Goddet, albeit usually incorrectly. They also are under the mistaken impression that Phil Liggett is a good commentator.

Lazyrider is a 99er.

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Someone who edits players and teams on sports games (NCAA Football 09, Madden 09, NBA LIVE 2K9, etc.) and makes every single attribute, of every single player on their favorite team a perfect rate of 99.

Tom: I went over to Bill's house to play madden and I just couldn't beat him. He was unstoppable.

Ralph: I know, the same thing happened to me. He edits the players.

Tom: Wow, what a 99er.

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To rub an eraser up and down the back of your hand 99 times, leaving a noticable red mark. Usually performed by kids under the age of 12

jason: Hey what's that on your hand?

Callum: I was doing a 99er

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A person who lives or was born in the areas surrounding route 99 in California. Where towns are mostly rural and surrounded by farms. Known to be extremely boring and slow areas.

Bakersfield, Fresno, Modesto, Stockton

"That guy is total 99er, he never been outside of Fresno!"

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A Burger King ©® Product which costs 99 cents..

Bumdass :Whoohoow! Hey dude what did you pay for this awesome Burger ??

Badass: 99 cents FUCKER!


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