What is 218'er?


A term derived from the area code 218 covering most of northern Minnesota. The term is used to describe a person who lives within the 218 area code. Generally speaking, most people who are true 218’ers lack high IQ’s and personal Hygiene. 218’ers are usually hermits and will hoard anything and everything. They are alwaysed armed to the teeth with guns. 218’ers can be seen in public acting very strange and driving pieced together junk pickup trucks. Laws and rules do not apply to true 218’ers. They do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Person 1: “Some guy with no teeth just pulled up outside the bar in a rusted truck and is trying to sell puppies”

Person 2: “probably just some "218'er"

See white trash, minnesota, hillbilly, redneck, pwt


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