What is =f?


It's a vampire. See it? It has fangs and eyes. This was accentally created a few months ago, when the creator was listening to Vampire Will Never Hurt You, a song by My Chemical Romance



Me- =F

You- *died*

See vampire, =f, my chemical romance


:F's undercover spy brother that really dosn't exist.. or dose he..

Fwomp!' spy brother =F *click* *click* <-- the clicks are his spy cam.



<Nny>errr just about mow the lawn.

<Nny>and you?.

<Bobbi>Boy Problems!!


<Bobbi>don't 8-) me!

<Nny>Trade you. ;]

<Bobbi> =F *click* *click*

<Nny> :O!

<Bobbi> what?

<Nny> Did you just photograph me in your imagination?.

<Bobbi>what are you talking about?

<Nny> :|. The =F *click* *click* thing?.

<Bobbi>what are you talking about?.

<Nny> -.- Nvm..

See gfl, :f, *, :


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