What is /facepalm?


A word used by 4Chan visitors, forum enthusiasts, PC gamers, and nerds alike to express complete disgust/fail towards another person/thing.

- Hey Mike, wanna go clubbin tonight and bang some sluts?

- /facepalm

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Disappointment at idiocy

luvs2blog69: no faggots horses have 20 inch dicks.

Anonymous: /facepalm

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A term used by WoW players to express frustration and/or showing aggravated acceptance of some ones noobyness

Noob: Yeh d00d Im a twink!! i got me all greens!!!

Veteran player: /facepalm >.<

See noob, d00d, twink, wow, veteran


To palm someone's face with immense power and/or brute force.

Used when you don't care or 'do not want.'

Person A: Hey guys! I just got a brand new scooter!

Person B: /facepalm

See facepalm, palm, face, /palmface


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