[fag] Body

What is [fag] Body?


1.The description of behavior given in the instance when a man is most likely to act like a bitch.

2.The inner emotion that is displayed when a male probably doesn't agree with current situations or circumstances. Usually acts of whining, shoo-shooin', crying, moping, angry gestures(such as but not limited to: Throwing tantrums, throwing objects, throwing of arms), and pretty much what women and children do when they don't get their way.

1. "He was all in his fag body, talkin' 'bout what he gonna do when he see me, like I'm scared of him." or "Get out yo fag body, cryin' about that hoe!"

2. "They got in they fag bodies cuz they lost the game." or "Don't nobody care about you gettin' in yo fag body about that, it ain't gonna change shit!"

See feelings, mad, sad, hurt, bitchy, homo, gay


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