What is /fail?


Commonly used in forums, chatrooms, and online games. Used to symbolise that whatever the previous or quoted person said had just completely failed, being a fail in grammar, or life. The / before the fail is derived from HTML language in which ending a function defined by a /. The / also emphasises how the person in question failed and should not continue to post moronic things on 'teh interwebs' as their father taught them, but to ask to have their passport and material possessions confiscated and have themselves shipped off to a third world country.

Forum Newbie: omgliek this 1 ti3m i just did this most 31337 ting w a sheep an i fink i l0st my virginity liek i think ths must be gd f0r my life liek i n33d to visit mi mo7her/sist3r in teh jailz and tel her?! omgwtfbbq

Forum Vet: ahem. /fail

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