What is 6fm?


this is the organisation that was thought up by will long head swales, matt gayboy yates, dan tumer discombe and danny big girl saxby in the saltash 6forms time of need. people were getting beaten up left right and centre because of some cowardly swilly cunts. but the bravehearts of the saltash 6form werent going to stand for this. they formed their own posse bent on extracting sweet retribution and revenge upon those nasty swills. the fundamental belief of the 6FM is that all year 11s are mugging little cunts and need to be battered asap. the exact definition of 6FM is the 6 Form Massive, but can be translated as the 6 Form Mafia, depending on which historian you talk to. people from different ethnic groups are now full members, with people joining up from such far away places as the landrake ghetto and the forder slums. highly dangerous and with an expanding membership, the 6FM is sure to be a big thing in years to come

"the 6FM are going to kill you swilly cunts"

"yes thats right, you've got a cap in your ass and spit in your eye on accounts of the 6FM"


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