What is [fucktard]?


personal insult debasing someone's intelligence. contraction of the words fucking retard, thus reducing the time and breath it takes to insult someone.

Reza is a fucktard.

See fucking retard, dumbass, idiot, intelligent


Someone who doesn't understand what they are being told to, while in bed. "i dont no what guys u've hooked up with but thats like impossible"

hahahahha and last time i tried hes all uhhh how do i do thattt

lol... fucktard.

See fuck tard, fuck, tard, retard, dumbass


someone who is unaware of how dumb they are and cannot comprehend the extent of their stupidity. Also a shorter way to say 'fucking retard'. Can be used on your friends, peers, and asshole drivers.

"What the hell dude!? You almost hit my car you fucktard!!"

See idiot, moron, retard, fucker, asshole


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