What is [fugliggles]?


those really unattractive, deep, and meaningful laughs that are only achieved when one is truly happy/satisfied with a certain point of life/ enjoying company with the people that mean the most/ or something is just freakin hilarious!

a.k.a. pure joy

"oh courtney stop fugliggling at pearl's fugliggles!"

"pearl your laughing like a pig on crack, but now it seems like i'm on crack cause i can't stop CRACKING up at your fugliggles!"

"im one of those fugliggle kind of women/men, its hard not to resist the power of the fugliggles."

"ahhhhhhhhh man NOT AGAIN, i've got the fugliggles!"

See happiness, obnoxious, deep, loud, laughter, satisfaction, annoying, giggles, unattractive


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