What is 00gay?


Bond of the 21st century, according to a completely non-gay Daniel Craig loves willy. No longer is it safe to watch TVwithout a cast of bum diggers suddenly becoming the centre of attention. Doctor Who has become Doctor 'Up the Poo'. Torchwood is 'were there any straight people in this week?'

Well Double 0 Gay is now suffering. Gaymes Bond or James Bummed is the spyhero of the new century.

00Gay's films may include...

Man With the Golden Knob

The Living Gaylights

Gold Wanger

Dr No(b)

Homos Are Forever

The Cock Is Not Enough

Never Say Gay

Moonie Raper

For Your Balls Only

Liscence to Bum

You Only Fuck Men Twice

'Q' would supply weapon-like dildos and his name would actually be short for 'Queer'. 'M' would still be Judy Dench but 'M' would stand for she was a 'Man'

See spies, bumming


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