What is 2g1c?


Abbreviation for the internet phenomenon known as Two Girls, One Cup. For those in the know, this is self-explanatory. If you haven't seen it, please don't look it up. Although now, I know you will. A short summary: this is a video that starts innocently enough with two girls (surprise!) kissing each other, when for some reason, the next step amounts to one of the girls taking a fat steaming shit into a clear glass. It's actually pretty amazing at first, as it seems that the girl's rectum is in all actuality a chocolate ice cream dispenser. Once the cup is full, the girls dig in. They proceed to eat and then smear fecal matter all over each other. Then, as if that wasn't enough, vomiting is introduced into the scene, and.. well.. it just goes downhill from there. If you really must see this video, do yourself a favor and have someone film you when you first see it. This is another offshoot of this, as people have taken to filming reactions to 2g1c, which are funnier than the original.

guy: Hey, have you seen 2g1c?

guy2: No, what is that all about?

guy: Oh, just watch this video...

guy2: Oh god.. OH GOD... OH MY FUCKING GOD!

guy: **giggle**

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Abbreviation for Two Girls One Cup

"What does 2g1c means?"

"Wait, I'll show you..."

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2g1c is an acronym for 2girls1cup, 2g1c is a new Internet craze which needs to be stopped. It is also very popular with Digg users and is said to be worse than the prophet Goatse. (It should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18!!!)

Tom Marathon - "Andy do you know what 2g1c stands for?"

Andy Hardman - "No, let me google it....OMG sick....dude no way!!!!"

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A reference to a popular guild in the game World of Warcraft who got their guild paid for by asking for 2 pieces of gold and one piece of copper from anyone who would listen.

An amount of donated payment sufficient to begin a character in World of Warcraft.

Hey, I just started and am looking for some 2g1c help plz?

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